PetaTera offers a suite of powerful tools to enhance your cloud experience.

High Performance Cloud

High Performance Private Cloud solution with proprietary IP providing a complete end to end cloud solution for companies and projects of all sizes.

  • Distributed multi-cloud deployment
  • Powered by OpenStack and NVIDIA
  • Redundant applications and storage at a fraction of the cost
  • Accelerate workloads more than 100x

A cloud designed by data scientists for next generation cloud computing.

Data Lakes

A foundation of the PetaVault gives way to computational analysis with a layer of Data Analytics and AI Insights, all encapsulated as a multi-permissioned enabled environment for your organization.

  • A repository for data across all areas of your business
  • APIs to activate your data
  • Powerful analytics tools to visualize your data
  • Layered security to manage access to your data

Stop segregating your data and unlock hidden insights by visualizing and engaging with your data in one central location.

Private Git Server

The balance of IP security with flexible control of your development environment—hosted internal git server for complete control over security of your code base with version control.

  • Ensure you are the only one with access to your code
  • Uses the standard git protocol. No new commands or concepts to learn
  • Browser-based GUI for pull requests, issues, and notifications
  • Or use with the standard git command line interface

Data Science/ML/AI

State-of-the-art Data Science environment with Anaconda and Jupyterhub—a custom workspace for your data scientists and AI/ML engineers, powered by our Cosmic Cloud for increased innovation speed.

  • Built on top of A100 GPUs as a standard
  • Single development environment for your entire data science team to work together seamlessly
  • Integrated with RAPIDs to increase model training and performance
  • Distributed resources on the back end so that multiple users can access GPU resources concurrently

Make the leap into the 4th industrial revolution and increase your company’s innovation speed by 100x.

Data Storage

PetaTera’s data storage environment targeting data governance and compliance.

  • Store data in one of 5 regions globally
  • Secure blockchain protocols for maximum security
  • 10 Gbit ports for high upload and download speeds
  • Top of the line data center redundancy – 11x9s of data durability

High speed, high volume, and low cost storage at your fingertips.